Oxford Story Tree - Level 1-3

Oxford Story Tree Box Set Level 1-3

52 books

17 cm x 21 cm

24 pages per book
The Oxford Story Tree series provides an extensive selection of interesting reading materials which feature colourful and humorous real-life situations as well as exciting and imaginative adventures.
The materials have been created to develop students’ reading skills and to arouse their interest in reading for enjoyment.
The approach - The series addresses the reading needs of the learners by using the idea that, while young learners of English may initially have difficulty in recognizing separate words on a page or learning words out of context, they can learn new words and phrases through a simple story.
The language - The language of the stories has been carefully selected and graded using vocabulary and grammar structures which are recycled throughout individual stories and throughout the series.
The introduction of new or difficult words is restricted to manageable limits. These new and difficult words are usually only introduced if they appear in the detailed illustrations on the corresponding pages. Through the illustrations, the young learners can come to understand the story.
The components - The main component of the Oxford Story Tree series is the Storybooks. In addition to the Storybooks, this series also provides support materials essential for a reading series designed for learners of English as a second or foreign language.
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