English, Vocabulary, Grammar, Math

- Collins Primary Focus
-Comprehension pupil book is packed with modern mysterious, triditional tales, fascinating facts and surprising stories from around the world. Brilliant authors like Mieschel Rosean, Berlie Doherty and Hiawyn Oram are guaranteed to get you thinking, talking,reading and writing. Develop your reading and comprehension skills with fun activities to help you through each unit. Write your own exiting fiction and non fiction texts using great ideas that build on your reading.
- Grammar and Punction pupil book help you to use language clearly and effective. khow your nouns form your negatives, your adjectives from your adverbs, to develop and improve your writing and speaking skills.
Put your punctuation skills to the test with a writing activity linked to each point.
-Vocabulary pupil book will help you to develop a broad and rich vocabulary for writing, reading and speaking. Build a bank of words to write interesting, engaging and informative texts. Challenge yourself by completing all the fun activities to see just how much of a word whiz you are.

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