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50 Books Box Set

Age 4+, Reading Level 7-9
A Brilliant Box Set of 50 paperback books to help your child towards indepentent reading.
The first 14 books are taken form Usborne First Reading Level Three. These stories, including many classic tales are designed to boost developing reader's confidence.
The next 16 books are taken form Usborne First Reading Level Four. These slightly longer stories help increase readers stamina in a range of story styles.
20 further books are taken from Usborne Young Reading Series One. Each of these books contains several lively short stories or one longer story in easy-to-read chapters.

Inspire a lifelong love of reading in children with this fantastic library full of books. This great value set of fully illustrated story books is sure to suit all levels of reading, ability. All fifty titles feature in the Usborne Reading Programme, a range that has been especially developed to help encourage young readers to home.
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