Practise your phonics with traditional tales

Practise your phonics with traditional tales

20 books


Age 3 to 8
- ကမ္ဘာတဝှမ်းမှ နာမည်ကြီး story များကို ရိုးရှင်းလွယ်ကူသော phonics ပုံစံနဲ့ ကလေးတွေ ကိုယ်တိုင် ဖတ်ရမှာ ပျော်စရာကောင်းအောင် ရောင်စုံ ရုပ်ပုံများနဲ့ သရုပ်ဖော် ပြုစုရေးသားထားသော Oxford မှ ထုတ်တဲ့ Practice your phonic with Traditional tales...
- Level အလိုက် level 1 to 9 အထိ ပါဝင်ပါတယ်
-Level 1 မှာဆို ရုပ်ပုံပဲ ပါပါတယ် (Picture book) ကျန် level အလိုက် ဖတ်နိုင်ရန် တတင့်ချင်းစီ ဖတ်ရတဲ့ စာအုပ်များ ဖြစ်ပါတယ်
- Fun activity after story ... စာအုပ် တအုပ်စီ ဖတ်ပြီးတိုင်း ကလးကိုယ်တိုင် ဘယ်လောက်မှတ်မိလည်း ပြန်လည်ပြောပြရန် အုပ်တိုင်းမှာ activity တစ်ခုစီ ပါပါတယ်
- မိဘများအတွက် လက်စွဲစာအုပ် (guide book) တစ်အုပ် ပါပါတယ်


Oxford Reading Tree - Practise Your Phonics with Traditional Tales Collection 

  • A Clear phonics progression providing lots of practice to build reading confidence and success.
  • A range of tales from around the world- a perfect introduction to different cultures and traditions
  • A rich selection of stories and illustrations to capture your child's imagination and inspire a love of reading.
  • Support for parents including tips, talking points and a fun activity after every story

Part of the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme, this big, beautiful, boxed collection contains 20 fantastic stories that children will be able to enjoy reading by themselves.

Starting with Chicken Licken and Right for Me, two picture books that contain minimal text so children can tell the story in their own words, the collection gradually progresses through the reading levels with the help of some traditional stories and fairy tales.

The familiar fairy tales make the books instantly appealing and young readers will absolutely love reading about Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast independently. Certain to help inspire a love of reading, all the books in this collection feature stunning illustrations and familiar language that will capture a child's imagination.

Please note that this 21-book collection contains 20 stories and a handbook for parents.

Titles in this collection

The Ugly Duckling
The Frog Prince
Twelve Dancing Princesses
Little Red Riding Hood
Beauty and the Beast
Get the Rat
Run, Run!
Chicken Licken
The Moon in the Pond
Tom, Dad and Colin
Rabbit on the Run
Oh, Jack!
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Magic Paintbrush
How the Bear lost his Tail
Monkey's Magic Pipe
Yoshi the Stonecutter
Practise Your Phonics with Traditional Tales - Handbook for Parents

Size - 21 * 21 cm

24 _ 32 pages per book


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