The Ashley Project _ Complete Collection


The Ashley Project _ Complete Collection
4 books boxed set

Size - 19.5*13cm
275 pages per book


Get ready to gossip: all four books in The Ashley Project series from bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz are now available in one boxed set.

Think you know mean girls? Meet The Ashleys. Ashley Spencer, Ashley “Lili” Li and Ashley “A. A.” Alioto are the queen bees of Miss Gambles Preparatory School for Girls. They have it all: they’re rich, gorgeous, impeccably fashion forward, and everyone wants to be them.

And then there’s Lauren Page. Watch as she transforms from loser to “it girl”—and risks falling back down the ranks again—in this series full of fashion, friendship, drama, gossip, and, of course…popularity.

This boxed set includes paperback editions of The Ashley ProjectSocial OrderBirthday Vicious, and Popularity Takeover.

_ Ashley Spencer, the queen bee: Ashley "Lili" L, the smart one; and Ashley "A. A." Alioto, the sports star. And now there's Lauren.

_ A former loser, she's changed her ways now that her father's company went public last month (and since her family acquired a mansion in Pacific Heights with a view of the marina and a Bentley with a driver named Thomas). Last year she was playing with Barbies, but this year she's been promoted from the rank and file to the top of the heap.

_ She has gone from geek to goddess, stickers to Saint Laurent, and fashion challenged to fashinista.

_ Her parnets tried, but they got it wrong: her name is Lauren but she's so obviously an Ashley......

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