The World of Beverly Cleary Collection

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The World of Beverly Cleary Collection

15 Book Ultimate Boxed Set! Ramona and More!


Size - 19 * 13 cm

160 - 220 pages per book

Includes 15 Beverly Cleary Books:

1 - Beezus and Ramona
2 - Ramona the Pest
3 - Ramona the Brave
4 - Ramona and Her Father
5 - Ramona and Her Mother
6 - Ramona Quimby, Age 8
7 - Ramona's World
8 - Henry Huggins
9 - Henry and Beezus
10 - Henry and Ribsy
11 - Ribsy
12 - The Mouse and the Motorcycle
13 - Runaway Ralph
14 - Ralph S. Mouse
15 - Ellen Tebbits

Henry Huggins: In Beverly Cleary's first novel, boys and girls alike will instantly be charmed by an average boy whose life is turned upside down when he meets a lovable puppy with a nose for mischief.

Ramona the Pest: Ramona Quimby is excited to finally start kindergarten. Then she gets into trouble for pulling her classmate's boingy curls during recess. Even worse, her crush rejects her in front of everyone. Beezus says Ramona needs to quit being a pest, but how can she stop if she was never trying to be one in the first place?

The Mouse and the Motorcycle: In this imaginative adventure, a young mouse named Ralph is thrown into a world of excitement when a boy and his shiny toy motorcycle check into the Mountain View Inn.

Socks: Ever since the day Mr. and Mrs. Bricker saved Socks the cat from a life spent in a mailbox drop slot, he has been the center of their world. But when a new baby arrives, suddenly the Brickers have less and less time for Socks. Socks feels left out! What will it take to make Socks realize just how much the Brickers care about him?

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