The Secret Diary Series


National Trust: The Secret Diary Series

4 books 


Age recommended 7-12

Size - 20*13 cm
180 pages per book 


Fact meets fiction in these thrilling and hilarious historical stories from Philip Ardagh.

Children can read the story of Jane Pinny, a Victorian housemaid who just happens to be a talented detective; Tudor boy spy Thomas Snoop; Medieval knight-in-training John Drawbridge; and Kitty Cask - the daughter of a Cornish smuggler.

Funny from the first page to the last, these books are packed with great characters and exciting plots. Oh, and they're bursting with facts about times gone by that will help children's history studies - without them even realizing.

Titles in this collection:

  • The Secret Diary of John Drawbridge: Medieval Knight in Training
  • The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny: Victorian House Maid
  • The Secret Dairy of Thomas Snoop: Tudor Boy Spy
  • The Secret Dairy of Kitty Cask: Smuggler's Daughter

The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop, Tudor Boy Spy

THOMAS SNOOP is in training to become a SPY. Entrusted with a TOP SECRET mission by the mysterious Lord Severn, right-hand man to the Tudor king, Thomas must travel to the magnificent Goldenhilt Hall - in the guise of a servant - in order to uncover traitors plotting against the crown. It will take all Thomas's wits and cunning to uncover the traitors lurking at Goldenhilt Hall - and he must do so without being discovered himself... Filled with amazing facts and historical trivia, you won't be able to put this SECRET DIARY down!

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