Science Sorted


Science Sorted

5 books

Size - 20*13 cm

150 - 180 pages per book


Extraordinarily designed and with plenty of Horrible Histories-style humour on show, these books also cover the theory of evolution and life on Earth; discoveries from outer space; the history of robots and engineering; and how hunters have caught their prey for generations. 

Ideal for dipping in and out of and perfect for children who wouldn't normally open a book, these books answer questions ranging from what actually happens in your head during a headache to the reasons why some farts are eggier than others. 

  • A collection of fun doodle-filled books about subjects ranging from science and nature to the human body.
  • Created by Glenn Murphy, the author of Why is Snot Green?
  • Full of gloriously gross facts and tidbits. 

Titles in this collection:

  • Bodies: The Whole Blood-Pumping Story
  • Evolution: The Whole Life on Earth Story
  • Predators: The Whole Tooth and Claw Story
  • Robots and the Whole Technology Story
  • Space: The Whole Whizz-Bang Story



What Happens in your head during a headache?

Whar are toes for?
Why are some farts eggier than others?
Glenn Murphy, Author of why is snot green?
Answers these and lots of other brilliant questions in this funny and informative book.
Packed with Doodles and Facts ab
out all sorts of incredible things, from scabs, cells and broken bones to brainpower, Bacteria and deadly diseases.
_ This book contains absolutely no boring bits!
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