What if you had ....?


What if you had ....?
8 books _ Colourful

Size - 25.5*20.5 cm
32 pages per book


Filled with outrageous and ridiculous illustrations, this series is the perfect introduction to animal behavior and structure. Young readers will love tapping their creativity and imagination to understand what life would be like if one day they looked in the mirror and saw they had an elephant trunk instead of a cute little nose, a jack rabbit’s mood ears instead of their own, or the eyes of a colossal squid. And with each turn of the page, students will learn why they have what they have and why those parts are just right for them.

_ What if you had Animal Feel!?
_ If you could have any animal's feet, whose would you choose?
_ If you chose a cheetah's paws, you'd be so fast you'd never miss the bus.
_ If you had a millipede's many feet, you could be a one-kid marching band!
_ And if you had a white rhinoceros' feet, you could carry your whole family on your back.
_ The animal kingdon has tons of incredible feet, bou yours tons of incredible feet, but yours are pretty freat, too!....

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